I think most women enjoy having that special piece of something that makes them feel like luxurious. Something that shows their personality, something chic, comfy, classic and effortless. Most of all... something that'll last.

I'm pretty sure you do, because you're here at the BAR....
Upper Bar CEO

These timeless designer inspired styles were sourced with ladies like you in mind who love to look and feel a little lush on the go! 

Our chic collection of exclusive jewelry are just perfect for a night out with your beau, brunch with the babes or even your personal boardroom a.k.a.... your phone or laptop.

They are anxiously waiting to meet your jewelry box to be a part of your wardrobe repertoire.

Our treasured BAR babes are not afraid to stack it to the max today to be the center of attention or go with something sleek & simple to be a little modest minimalist tomorrow.

Our jewelry are made of premium plated metals such as 925 sterling silver and 316L stainless steel in 10K, 14K + 18K gold with a high end aesthetic.

 always VERSATILE  |  always EFFORTLESS  |  always TIMELESS 

Our Mini-Malist and Maxi-Malist designs have been jewelry box staples since 2018 for fierce females to effortlessly show up from day to night. 

Upper BAR Curator


I 'm a certified  shopaholic but it was always a challenge to find lasting, classic & chic jewelry that didn't break the bank, that wasn't tacky but made me feel luxurious. 

My favorite wardrobe consist of something chic & simple with my jewelry doing thee most!

Turns out, this was something many women can resonate with so I created The Upper BAR!

I am literally a jewelry junkie hailed from Miami, FL with Haitian Caribbean roots with a passion for sleek + chic aesthetics. 

With architecture & a geometric framework at the forefront, I hand picked everyday style staples tailored for the leading lady on the go.

My personal experience involves scouring the world for lasting classic jewelry while my professional experience is in sales & client experience in the hospitality industry for over 15 years.

While attending the Art Institute of Design Miami majoring in Accessory Design in 2016, I dropped out and began independently learning about the jewelry industry. I then decided to pursue the world of fashion jewelry for pieces that would last, that was timeless not trendy, basic but bold and most importantly.... jewelry that would make me look & feel luxurious even when I dress down!


The ultimate mission at The Upper BAR is to cultivate an effortless jewelry shopping experience so that ladies are moved to show up boldly daily looking and feeling like the leading ladies they are.